Brittany Diehl '12

How has your Hood education benefitted you?
My Hood education gave me a very well-rounded base for my life post-college. The course material combined with my extra-curricular activities, leadership experiences and everyday life at Hood taught me to be a critical and open thinker and to work effectively with all types of people.

How did your extracurricular experiences at Hood benefit you?
My extracurricular experiences taught me lessons that I use all day, every day. I learned how to work with many personalities and leadership styles, how to manage big projects simultaneously and even how to run a meeting effectively.

Did you decide your major right away?
I was pretty certain that I wanted to study something marketing-related right away. After taking a few classes within the management department during my first year, I was sure that I wanted to pursue a degree in management with a concentration in marketing. After (begrudgingly) taking economics to fulfill a requirement, I was surprised to realize how much I loved it thanks to great professors who made the subject incredibly interesting. I quickly decided to become an economics minor.

What is your favorite memory of Hood?
My favorite memories of Hood are some of the simple, everyday happenings like doing work in Whitaker with my friends, eating in the dining hall and hanging out on the quad. There’s a great sense of community at Hood—the friendliness is not just something you witness during admission events, it’s every day.

Who was your mentor while at Hood?
My professors in the management department all served as fantastic mentors during my time at Hood, and even afterward. Professor Van Winter, Professor Gurzick and Professor Jose always had great advice about careers, school and life in general. They are all great role models—I learned so much from each of them and they continue to be incredible resources even now that I graduated more than a year ago.

What are your opinions on the value of a Hood education? What are your opinions on the value of a liberal arts education?
Although I was a management major, I absolutely loved having the opportunity to take classes in all of the other departments. One semester I took ceramics, a business course, economics, a course on movie production and a chemistry-based course on nuclear warfare—I was always amazed at how closely topics that were seemingly so different would end up relating to each other. Taking these unique courses that covered so many different topics from professors who were so clearly passionate about their subjects was fascinating and improved my critical thinking and problem-solving skills immensely. A liberal arts education from Hood instilled within me a huge sense of curiosity and gave me a real love of learning.

If you had an opportunity to speak to a prospective student about Hood, what would you tell him or her about your time at Hood?
Hood students have so many opportunities at their fingertips—from fantastic course offerings to great alumni connections to leadership opportunities on campus and so much more. You can lead a club (or start one), volunteer in the community, take a course on just about any topic you can imagine, enjoy classes where professors actually know your name, study abroad and so much more. Taking advantage of these endless opportunities really pays off.

What role has your education at Hood played in helping you attain your career and personal goals?
I interned with Downtown Frederick Partnership during my sophomore year to fulfill an Honors Program requirement. Shortly after graduation, I landed my dream job with the Partnership—so I would say Hood definitely played a great part in attaining my initial career goals. Personally, Hood made me a more well-rounded and open-thinking person. Since Hood is a small school, I got to interact very closely with people from all walks of life with whom I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to work.

Why did you choose Hood for your undergraduate education?
After looking at countless other similar small, private, liberal arts schools, Hood ended up having everything that I was looking for and more. The small class sizes, dedicated professors, perfect location (it doesn’t get much better than being minutes from downtown Frederick and having D.C. and Baltimore each just about 45 minutes away) and opportunities to study abroad and intern at so many places really sold me.