Connor Asman '16

Why did you choose Hood College?

I choose Hood because the community is very welcoming, the professors really care about students, and there are a ton of opportunities for new students looking to explore new interests. At Hood I’ve been able to explore interests in theater, student government, gospel music, sports, and international culture.

Have you participated in an internship or leadership opportunity in the local area or on campus?

I have interned at The Scott Key Center in Frederick and at the Global Mobile Gaming Confederation in Beijing, China. Additionally, I have held the position of Facilities Chair in SGA.

What did you gain from that experience?

I have learned a ton from these experiences. The most important thing I’ve learned is that no one will give you initiative, you have to take it. One time, I was getting really frustrated doing routine work at my internship site. So when an opportunity to work on a publication came up, I took the lead. Once I found a project I cared about, the rest of my internship was actually kind of fun.

What is your most memorable experience at Hood?

During sophomore year most of my friends and I all got parts in the play by Steve Martin, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” The production was by Hood College Theater. All the months of hard work paid off when we finally performed the piece. I will never forget being in costume with all my friends toasting the audience as the stage lights dimmed.

What do you value most about your relationships with your professors?

My professors are always there when I need advice on anything. They have been supportive of me studying abroad in Beijing, figuring out my complicated schedules, writing recommendations, and so much more. I value that they actually care about me as an individual.

What is something that surprised you about Hood?

Hood’s openness surprised me at first. I really appreciate it now, but in the beginning it took some time to get used to the diversity on campus.

What was your most rewarding class or academic experience at Hood? Why?

When I was taking Organizational Management with Dr. Van Winter I completely messed up on the first exam and all the homework prior to it. After that wake up call, I put in the work and ended up getting an A in the course. I then asked the professor to be my adviser and he has been an incredible help ever since.

When you aren’t in class, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

When I am not in class, I like to do improv with my friends in the Hood Improv Troupe. Keep an eye out for more shows next semester!

What is your favorite campus event?

My favorite campus event is the hypnotist show where I can watch friends get hypnotized. It is always hilarious.