Curtis Stubbs '16

Why did you choose Hood College?

When I toured Hood College, I had no idea what it was but I got a great feeling from it. It felt like home and it was liberal arts so I could test everything until I found my niche.

What is your most memorable experience at Hood?

My most memorable experience at Hood is participating in the March on Frederick and being a part of history.

What is something that surprised you about Hood?

I knew Hood was dedicated to its students but how dedicated they are to each individual student and how they tailor their aid to each student still amazes me.

What opportunity were you most grateful for?

The opportunity that I am most grateful for was the opportunity to be a part of a great institution such as Hood because a lot of people from my community in West Baltimore don’t get many opportunities and especially not one as great as this one.

What was your most rewarding class or academic experience at Hood? Why?

My most rewarding class was Organizational Behavior with Dr. Weaver and Leadership with Dr. Bands. They helped me grow into my various leadership positions and I still use lessons I learned in them today.

What is your favorite campus event?

My favorite campus event was the #BlackLivesMatterPanel. To be a part of something as great and important as that was really beneficial to me. I’m glad it started a conversation that needed to be held.

What are your goals for the near and distant future?

My goals are to work in the corporate business sector and eventually return to school to get my MBA.

How has your Hood education benefited you?

Hood’s education benefitted me because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Hood being liberal arts gave me the opportunity to find myself and find what major fits me.

What would you say to students applying to Hood?

Hood is a great school. How great it is depends on how much you are willing to invest in yourself.