Jenna Gianni '09

Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree?

I knew a graduate degree would be necessary to fulfill my personal and career goals. The knowledge that I have gained in the M.A. program has been invaluable to me as an artist and the skills and experience I’m gaining will be an important asset in my future career.

Why did you choose Hood College Graduate School?

My undergraduate degree is from Hood. After a 2 year break, and deciding I wanted to pursue a graduate degree, Hood was my first choice and their program met each of my needs and provided a comprehensive approach to the study of Ceramics including strong curriculum both in terms of technical knowledge and conceptual processes and skill development.

What do you value most about your relationships with your professors?

What I love about Hood is the one-on-one attention you receive from your professors! This is one of the things that drew me back to Hood and as a graduate student, knowing that opinions, help, support, answers are just an email away is very important to me.

What was your most rewarding class or academic experience at Hood? Why?

As the graduate studio technician for the Ceramics Department, I have been very involved in the building of the new Kiln Pavilion on campus. The skills I gained during this process were invaluable and the comaraderie developed between students, professors, and other faculty has been a truly special experience to be apart of.

How do you manage your many other obligations such as work and family with the demands of graduate school?

My day planner is my best friend! I try to stay organized and I try to prioritize my time. While my studies are important, my friends and family, my support group, is the most important. Usually when I make time for them, it gives me energy that spills over into my work and school life.

Can you offer any tips to prospective students?

Take good notes, get involved, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

When you aren’t in class, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I’m a Frederick native and enjoy having coffee with my friends downtown as well as working in my home studio!