Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour, Ph.D. '05

How has your Hood education benefited you?

The quality of classes and professors at Hood prepared me well for course work in graduate school.

Did you decide your major right away?

Even though I declared psychology as a major right away, taking a wide variety of psychology courses within the department helped me narrow down the area of psychology in which I was most interested.

Who were your mentors at Hood?

Professor Ingrid Farreras, a faculty member in the psychology department, was my mentor at Hood. When I expressed an interest in pursuing a doctoral degree in psychology, she was instrumental in helping me narrow down which graduate school would be the best fit for me.

What is your opinion on the value of a Hood education?

Hood provided me with a first-rate education. The faculty members in the psychology department were not only very knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise but they were also genuinely interested in helping students to achieve their fullest potential and to succeed in life.

What would you say to students applying to Hood?

Approach your educational experience with an open mind. Absorb as much knowledge as you can from a variety of classes. Base your decision to major in a specific area on the knowledge you gain from those classes rather than coming to college with your mind set on a specific major.

Why did you choose to attend Hood College?

I liked that Hood is a small school where students and faculty work closely together.