John George

What brought you to Hood College?

I was invited to teach EDUC 581 (formerly called, “Educational Psychology”) in the spring semester, 1985. As a subject supervisor for Frederick County Public Schools, I was excited with the prospect of teaching adult students whom I observed by day in their classrooms. Also, Hood College enjoyed a reputation for excellence in Education.

What do you value most about your relationship with graduate students?

It is valuable to work with professionals who are actively engaged in their field: they are a constant reality check to theory and what really works with children. It is important to exchange experiences, opinions and best practices so that all are enriched.

What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching in the graduate school at Hood?

Master’s degree students in Curriculum and Instruction present their findings in a yearlong action research project that is the capstone of the program. Their research sometimes reaches state and national audiences shortly thereafter: I have a front row seat to hear their work!

Describe your approach to teaching.

My approach is a focus on hands-on activities requiring small group interaction, in my attempt to model positive pedagogy, which I hope that they (my students) will emulate with their own children in public schools.

What is/are your most memorable moment/s at Hood?

Memorable moments occur regularly as students make various presentations, which may be the result of occasional assignments, as well as semester studies in groups. Because the energy level of education majors is generally high (even after a day’s work), the entire class can “catch fire” over provocative ideas or new techniques.

Describe your academic interests, research, professional interests or expertise.

Academic interests include social studies pedagogy/content; multicultural education; and research-based multiple intelligences as these affect critical and creative thinking skills.

When you aren’t teaching, what are you doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to walk through Baker Park, ride a horse on weekends, read, attend the Washington Opera, hike a trail in Zion Park (UT) or an early morning beach (Strathmere in New Jersey or Barbados), and volunteer in Frederick community events (since 1982 in the high school Academic Tournament, the elementary History Bee, the annual Charity Campaign, and coordinate two essay contests for the Sons of the American Revolution). I currently chair the 150th Anniversary Committee of the Great Frederick Fair.

What are three books that you would recommend everyone read?

I recommend Brian Greene’s “Elegant Universe,” a three book series; Sean B. Carroll’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”; and Shakespeare’s “Tempest.”