Kenneth Huyser '05

How has your Hood education benefited you?

Besides the wonderful education I received in my four years at Hood, the relationships I have developed have opened up many doors. Hood helped me develop strong problem solving abilities and time management skills.

How did your time at Hood prepare you for the future?

Hood gave me an appreciation of time management, and the ability to communicate my thoughts and opinions in a more direct way. Hood also helped me learn to think critically and outside of the box. Time management, communication and problem solving is essential to my business.

Did you decide your major right away?

I decided my major in my first year at Hood—psychology. Then in my junior year my adviser told me I was only three classes away from a second major—sociology—so I decided to double up my course work to graduate with a double major. The reason I had so many sociology classes when not initially pursuing the major was because I enjoyed the professors so much I kept taking their classes.

What is your favorite memory of Hood?

I think if I had to choose one it would be when all the guys would play football in the quad, and one day President Volpe decided he was going to play. Next thing you know President Volpe goes out for the pass, catches it and then gets tackled to the ground hard! He stands up and said, “Oh, I didn’t know you guys are playing tackle!” He was a great sport but never played again.

What is your opinion on the value of a Hood education?

I put a lot of value in the education I received at Hood. Hood taught me the importance of problem solving and looking at a problem from many different angles, then putting those opinions to paper or in an open discussion.

What is your opinion on the value of a liberal arts education?

Every job and most aspects of life insist that you have certain skills in order to succeed—the ability to read, write, to think logically and problem solve. I think that those four skills are the foundation of a liberal arts education.

What role has your Hood education played in your career?

Some of the relationships that I had developed at Hood have given me the opportunity to branch out socially and meet people I probably would not have gotten to meet otherwise. The brother of one of my best friends from Hood is now my business partner. Hood has also taught me the importance of having strong work ethic and integrity in everything I do professionally and in my personal life.