Lydia Emory ’16

Learn about her Fulbright Scholarship.

Why did you choose Hood College?

I chose Hood because of the size. I came from a small high school and couldn’t imagine going to a huge university. At Hood I feel comfortable both inside the classroom and outside.

Have you participated in an internship or leadership opportunity in the local area or on campus?

I was a Resident Assistant in Coblentz Hall my sophomore year of school and am currently the Head RA of Coblentz Hall.

What did you gain from that experience?

I gained new friendships, more confidence, and learned how deescalate stressful or tense situations.

What is your most memorable experience at Hood?

My most memorable experience at Hood by far were my study abroad opportunities in both Seoul, South Korea and Sevilla, Spain. I met amazing people from different backgrounds and cultures and learned so much. Having the chance to study in two different countries really opened up my eyes to the world and has helped me become the person I am today.

What do you value most about your relationships with your professors?

I value that they truly care about my success as a student. If I am ever struggling in a class or with a certain assignment, I have never had an issue going to ask for help.

What is something that surprised you about Hood?

I didn’t know about any of Hood’s traditions when I came here. So once I was able to participate in them, I really realized how close of a community Hood had.

What was your most rewarding class or academic experience at Hood? Why?

My most rewarding academic experience so far was my spring semester junior year when I completed a 14 page creative story in my Spanish Seminar class. I was surprised to see how far I had advanced in a foreign language in just three years to complete the assignment.

When you aren’t in class, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I love hanging out with my friends when I am not in class. Whether we are doing something around Frederick or just meeting up in Whitaker, we always have a good time.

What is your favorite campus event?

Policies for Dollars is my favorite event!