Matt Roberts '11

Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree?
To grow and refine my knowledge in the computer field.

Why did you choose Hood College Graduate School?
The location was key because Hood College is very close to my home and many job opportunities. Also, the class sizes are small so you get a more one-to-one interaction with the professors. Also, the computer facilities were very impressive and well maintained.

How did your degree help you further your professional or personal life?
Obtaining a master’s degree from Hood College has opened doors for me that were not open with only a bachelor’s degree. These doors have provided me with a more refined knowledge of the field and a variety of job possibilities in the local area.

Who is your favorite faculty member and why?
Unfortunately, I cannot pick just one. Many of the faculty members have helped me achieve my goal in different fashions. Professor Salem helped me think outside of the box and beyond the lecture book. Professor Liu pushed me to complete projects that I never thought I could complete. Professor Dimitoglou, who was also my academic adviser, assisted me at every turn and was available even after hours to provide me with academic and professional. Also his lectures were very interactive and rich with real world scenarios. One thing they all had in common was enthusiasm to teach, which students see and then, in turn, become enthused to learn.

What would you share with prospective students about your graduate experience at Hood?
From a computer science master’s background, the prospective I can share is, “The more you put into your learning experience at Hood College, the more you will take with you when your graduate, which you can then apply to your career in many different ways.”