Randi Moody '15

Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree?

I wanted to further my education and help to make a difference in the education of young children.

Why did you choose Hood College Graduate School?

It is near where I live.

How did your degree help you further your professional or personal life?

It has opened up more professional career options for me that I am currently pursuing.

Who is your favorite faculty member and why?

I would have to say Dr. Sherman because she was instrumental in me being able to complete my degree in such a short time frame by making it possible to attend school full time during my final year in this program.

What would you share with prospective students about your graduate experience at Hood?

It is such a small program with small classes that the instructors really make an effort to get to know you! Everyone at Hood wants to ensure your success in whatever program you choose. It is also nice to travel through the program with the same classmates.