Ruth Hurtado-Day '00

How has your Hood education benefited you?

I have been able to secure a job with the federal government with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

How did your time at Hood prepare you for the future?

Taking courses in psychology prepared me for the field of behavioral health.

What were your extracurricular experiences?

Being part of La Union Latina helped spark my interest in the Latino community. My interest continues along this path to this day; I was nominated to chair the Hispanic workgroup for my center.

Did you decide your major right away?

I knew from the beginning that I was interested in psychology.

What is your favorite memory of Hood?

Getting together with friends and family for the Hood ring dinner. The parties were also a lot of fun.

Who were your mentors at Hood?

Professor Wanda Ruffin.

What is your opinion on the value of a Hood education?

I think choosing Hood really benefited me. Attending a small college with intimate classes was a great learning experience for me.

What is your opinion on the value of a liberal arts education?

I think it was a great mixture of classes. I learned a variety of subjects that helped prepare me for the real world.

What would you say to students applying to Hood?

The small classroom experience is great, the professors are wonderful, the friendships that you make will last a lifetime.

What role has Hood College education played in your career?

Hood College gave me the foundation for an education in the behavioral health field. The courses in psychology gave me a great framework and the professors were great. It helped me attain an internship with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and then later helped me get my foot in the door with the Federal Government.

Why did you choose to attend Hood College?

I liked the small college feel, I really liked the campus, they offered the courses that I was interested in, and also had a great choice of extracurricular activities.